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  • Panel Kits are used when stored equipment needs to be kept protected even when the case is open.
  • Bottom panels are watertight to meets or exceed IP66 and/or NEMA 4
  • Panel Kits are installed by the end user. These two plates are made of .063″ brushed aluminum. and the bottom panel (watertight) comes with screws, perimeter gasket and O-Rings for the screws. (the SE1220 panel kit does not require O-Rings for its screws.)
  • Panels can be custom modified by Seahorse according to your specifications. These modifications can be used to install electronic readouts, buttons, switches and other control or monitoring devices.
  • Threaded Inserts can be installed as your product requires.
  • View an animation video of the bottom panel assembly
Bottom panel (watertight)Fits Case #Top panelDrawings
7150BSE1207150T7150 Panels
7350BSE3007350T7350 Panels
7550BSE520, SE5407550T7550 Panels
7750BSE710, SE7207750T7750 Panels
7850BSE8307850T7850 Panels
7950BSE9207950T7950 Panels
7250BSE12207250T7250 Panels