720D- Case w/Divider

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Take your sensitive equipment on the go without worry!

The SE720D includes all the benefits of a standard Seahorse SE720 and adds a padded divider to further increase your case’s protection.

Divider Features

Heavy duty removable and repositionable padded dividers allow for any custom configuration needed to protect and organize your valuable equipment. Compartments provide 360° protection. The 9701 divider is specifically designed to fit securely in the Seahorse SE720 protective case.

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  • Black
  • Gun Metal Gray
  • Safety Yellow (OSHA)
  • International Orange (SOLAS)


Outside Dimensions Length Width Height
20.1 in 15.5 in 7.6 in
51 cm 39 cm 19 cm
Inside Dimensions Length Width Height
18.4 in 13.3 in 6.2 in
47 cm 34 cm 16 cm
  Case Weight Shipping Weight
SE720 8.51 lb 10 lb


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