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P17 Waterproof Holster

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When closed, the Seahorse P17 Waterproof Gun Holster provides continuous protection for your handgun from harsh elements. The P17 is a Level 2 retention holster. This holster features an outside casing made of a durable high impact-resistant polycarbonate and an inner non-abrasive nylon sleeve holsters the handgun. The P17 contains stainless steel springs and screws that are corrosion resistant. The P17 drop-leg holster attaches to the user’s belt with two quick release belt attachments. The quick release is adjustable for 1″ – 2″ belts. The dual leg straps minimize the holster’s movement during walking and running.

The P17 meets and exceeds the IP67 rating, making it dustproof and submergible in fresh or salt water for a depth of 1 meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes. The holster contains desiccant packs that will ensure a moisture-free environment. The automatic pressure purge system allows the holster to open with ease after descending from altitude or disembarking a plane.

The P17 is handgun specific. The internal sleeves are manufactured for the specific handguns only. If a different handgun is placed in the unit, it will not function correctly. Inner sleeves are interchangeable to fit the desired handgun model. See Options: Sleeve Kit section

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Available for the following guns:

ManufacturerGun ModelGun/Sleeve Kit
  • 1911A-1 CS 3.5″ GI Standard CS
  • 92FS
  • 1911 M45A1, 5″ W/Rail 45ACP
  • 1911 Rail Gun, 5″ BBL
  • Delta Elite 5″ 10mm
  • 1911 Gov’t 5″
  • 1911 Commander, 4.25″ 45ACP
  • Defender 3″ 45 ACP
  • Gov’t 70 Series
  • 17-19-23-26-27-31
  • Warrior, w/Rail
  • Warrior II
  • Super Carry Pro
  • Super Carry Ultra, 45 ACP, 3″
  • 1911 R1 Enhanced 5″ 45 ACP
  • SR1911 Commander 4.25″ 45ACP
Sig Sauer
  • P220R-45-Legion (4.4″)
  • P220R-45-BSS (4.4″)
  • P226 (4.4″, No Rail)
  • P226 Legion
  • P226 MK25 (4.4″, NS)
  • P229 Legion
  • P229 Nitron Compact
  • P239 SAS
  • W220R-45-BSS
Sig Sauer
  • 7-W1911TR-45-TACOPS
  • 1911 XO 5″ 45ACP
Smith & Wesson
  • 1911A E Series 45 ACP
  • 1911SC E Series 4.25″ 45 Auto
Smith & Wesson
  • M&P40 Manual Thumb Safety No Mag Safety LE
  • M&P40 No Mag Safety LE
  • XD9401HC (5″ full size)
  • XD9101HC (4″ full size)
  • XD9102HC
  • XD9611HC


The P17 Waterproof Gun Holster may be submerged in both fresh and salt water while continuing to remain dry inside.

The P17 provides a level two gun retention system. The unit is secured by one belt support at two control points to distribute load and limit belt stress. In addition, two leg straps control the lower sections for posture transitions, walking and running.

The P17 includes desiccant packs that will remove moisture from inside the case. This will ensure the firearm is in a moisture free environment for much of the time it is not in use.


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