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P17 Sleeve Kit



The Sleeve Kit is required if you wish to change to a different firearm. Kits include everything to convert from one firearm model to another.

Sleeve Kits include the appropriate sleeve, springs, trigger lock, seal and screws necessary to update your holster.

ManufacturerGun ModelGun/Sleeve Kit
Armscor1911A-1 CS 3.5″ GI Standard CSSleeve Kit-9960
Beretta92FSSleeve Kit-9965
Colt1911 M45A1, 5″ W/Rail 45ACPSleeve Kit-9960
Colt1911 Rail Gun, 5″ BBLSleeve Kit-9960
ColtDelta Elite 5″ 10mmSleeve Kit-9960
Colt1911 Gov’t 5″Sleeve Kit-9960
Colt1911 Commander, 4.25″ 45ACPSleeve Kit-9960
ColtDefender 3″ 45 ACPSleeve Kit-9960
ColtGov’t 70 SeriesSleeve Kit-9960
Glock17-19-23-26-27-31Sleeve Kit-9961
KimberWarrior, w/RailSleeve Kit-9960
KimberWarrior IISleeve Kit-9960
KimberSuper Carry ProSleeve Kit-9960
KimberSuper Carry Ultra, 45 ACP, 3″Sleeve Kit-9960
Remington1911 R1 Enhanced 5″ 45 ACPSleeve Kit-9960
RugerSR1911 Commander 4.25″ 45ACPSleeve Kit-9960
Sig SauerP220R-45-Legion (4.4″)Sleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP220R-45-BSS (4.4″)Sleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP226 (4.4″, No Rail)Sleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP226 LegionSleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP226 MK25 (4.4″, NS)Sleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP229 LegionSleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP229 Nitron CompactSleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerP239 SASSleeve Kit-9963
Sig SauerW220R-45-BSSSleeve Kit-9963
Sig Sauer7-W1911TR-45-TACOPSSleeve Kit-9960
Sig Sauer1911 XO 5″ 45ACPSleeve Kit-9960
Smith & Wesson1911A E Series 45 ACPSleeve Kit-9960
Smith & Wesson1911SC E Series 4.25″ 45 AutoSleeve Kit-9960
Smith & WessonM&P40 Thumb SafetySleeve Kit-9964
Smith & WessonM&P9/40 W/WO Thumb SafetySleeve Kit-9964
SpringfieldXD9401HC (5″ full size)Sleeve Kit-9962
SpringfieldXD9101HC (4″ full size)Sleeve Kit-9962
SpringfieldXD9102HCSleeve Kit-9962
SpringfieldXD9611HCSleeve Kit-9962