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Drop test

Units were loaded with weights (see list below) and dropped at different angles from a 6′-10″ platform onto a concrete surface. Cases maintained their watertight integrity and remained closed. A small percentage ( < 10%) sustained broken tall rib.

SE1202.0 lbs
SE3004.9 lbs
SE52015.7 lbs
SE71020.0 lbs
SE72035.0 lbs
SE92035.0 lbs
SE71020.0 lbs
SE122035.0 lbs

Impact test (SE920 and SE1220 not yet tested)

This test was performed by dropping a 4.5 lb 3″ diameter cylindrical piece of steel onto the center of the top and then onto the bottom of each case from a height of 6’. The test was performed three times on each surface. No material failure or cracks were found.

Handle test (SE920 and SE1220 not yet tested)

Repetitive impact test. 15 lbs of weight was added to each case. Cases were then hung by their handle and given “jolt” tests. Every 6 seconds, for 48 hours the cycle machine lifted and dropped each case. Neither the handle, the handle pin nor the case itself showed any signs of stress.

Weight test (SE920 and SE1220 not yet tested)

Cases were loaded with 75 lbs of steel, and hung by their handle for 60 hours. No stress marks were found in handle, pin, latches, hinges or any component of the case.