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Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases Airline Allowance. (June 2015)

Below is a reference chart with the various airline carry-on dimensions based on the size and weight allowance for most major Airlines. Please keep in mind that every effort has been made to ensure the information on the chart is accurate, please check with your airline before flying for detailed guidelines.
Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases offers a variety of smaller cases that can be carried on.

The following Seahorse sizes are allowed as carry-on’s for all the major airlines:
SE120, SE300, SE430, SE520, SE540

AirlineWidth (in)Length (in)Height (in)Linear (in)Weight (lbs)Seahorse Applicable Case
Air Canada15.521.594622 SE630, SE710, SE720
Alaska17241051SE630, SE710, SE720, SE830
American Airlines142294540SE830
British Airways1822105026SE630, SE710, SE720, SE830
China Airlines142294215SE830
Hawaiian Airlines142294525SE830
JetBlue – 320/190 Underseat15188SE630
JetBlue – Overhead14229SE830
Korean Airlines15.7521.658.6646SE630, SE710, SE720
Lufthansa15.521.5917.6SE630, SE710, SE720
Qantas Airlines1422945SE830
Singapore Air – Briefcase16201045SE630, SE710, SE720
Singapore Air – Bag1622846SE630, SE710, SE720
Southwest16241050SE630, SE710, SE720, SE830
Spirit1822106240SE630, SE710, SE720, SE830
US Airways142294540SE830
Virgin American1624105030SE630, SE710, SE720, SE830
Virgin Atlantic1422943SE830