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  • Accuform Foam Sets. All Seahorse cases may be purchased with removable cubed matrix foam inserts. Most sets include convolute (egg crate) foam for the lid and a shock absorbing pre-scored (Accuform) foam insert that rests on a solid base for the bottom.
  • Accuform Foam is a block of high-density foam that is pre-scored vertically to provide easy removal of blocks of foam to create a custom snug fit for your valuables. This will protect your stored equipment from the abuse of even your roughest adventure.
Fits, Case #(Foam Only) Part No.Description
SE12091003 Pieces
SE30093003 Pieces
SE300FP193052 Pieces (fits 1 pistol)
SE52095003 Pieces
SE54095404 Pieces
SE540FP495453 Pieces (fits 4 pistols)
SE63096303 Piece
SE71097103 Pieces
SE72097003 Pieces
SE83098006 Pieces
SE92099006 Pieces
SE122091227 Pieces
SE153095304 Pieces